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I found this very nice website. This website browses, translates, recites, search all chapters of Al-Quran very easily.


Chakrr in Delhi

IHC LOK SANGEET SAMMELANChakri, folk music of Kashmir presented by Gulzar Ahmed Ganie & troupe.

Though I didn't liked the start, but then he sung some nice Chakri songs, like;
  • Wali Kustooriye
  • Boumbro boumbroo sham rang boumbroo
The last song he sung "Sham-e-Gham Rozya-na Rozya" written by Moti Lal Saqi was awesome.


In Pursuit of Living - What Life Has Taught Me..

What Life Has Taught Me..

What life has taught me, through my own experience, is that life goes on even when something tragic strikes you down. No matter how hopeless, alone, or uncertain you may feel at that moment, and the many empty moments that will follow, you must have Faith that eventually your life will be normal again.

Although you will never return to the normal that you knew before the tragedy, in time you will eventually experience the healing of your heart, which will ease your restless soul and release the power to your spirit allowing your mind the freedom to dream again.

God doesn’t expect us to figure out why things happen nor does he expect us to be unaffected by the suffering we witness. He does however grant us a new kind of peace to bear the pain we experience in our own life and in the world around us.

In every bad thing that happens, eventually good will follow. The good doesn’t make the bad better nor does it fill the void we have as a result of the tragedy. The good is a simple reminder that God is with us!


Hokh Siyun

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Kashmiri Movie

akh daleel loolech
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First Kashmiri post 1989
Yousuf Shahnaz and Mir Sarvar

When Injustice Becomes The Law, Resistance Becomes The Duty